On 3 June 2008, SADIL - TOGO (Structure d’Appui pour le Développement des Initiatives Locales au Togo), was founded in the capital of Togo, Lomé.

Two (ex-)students from Togo and the Netherlands, Eloi Aboutou and Jacob Roex, have combined their strengths in order to create an organization that helps disadvantaged children in the most remote areas of the country. Currently, 15 people with different nationalities and backgrounds are involved in the activities of SADIL - TOGO: an apolitical, non-confessional, and non-profit organization.

Since 2008, SADIL-TOGO is located in Tchamba. The organization works primarily in the Central region, with activities in Tchamba, Kara, Sokodé, Sotouboua and Anié, as well as in the surrounding villages. This allows SADIL - TOGO to reach underdeveloped rural areas and assist isolated communities in their own development process.


Objective and focus areas

The organization’s objective is to give underprivileged children in the most remote areas of the country better opportunities for the future. We try to achieve this objective by focusing on three priority areas:
  • Education
  • Children's rights
  • Environmental Health

People and organizational set up

people and organizational set up


All activities in Togo are executed by SADIL - TOGO staff:

Office team :
  • Eloi Aboutou - Executive director
  • Samoudine Tchagbele - Program Coordinator and Education Facilitator
  • Amza Tchaou - Financial Coordinator
  • Paul Kadjina - HR Coordinator
  • Mounaera Soule - Communications Coordinator
  • Françoise N’Dadia - Environment Faciliator
  • Pyalo Essomanam Sow -  Hygiene and Sanitation Facilitator
  • Mahamadou Bako - Children's Rights Facilitator
  • Kiméalo Toko - Secretary 

On a regular basis, we employ both interns that come from abroad and local Togolese students who want to develop their experience within developmental work. So far, we have welcomed more than 18 international interns from countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the UK, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Japan, China and Colombia.  

From the Netherlands, we receive advice on organizational strategy, project planning and budgeting, on an as-needed basis.

We form partnerships with international organizations such as PLAN International, UN Habitat, the World Bank and McKinsey for Children. These organizations provide us with valuable knowledge about how to run projects. Occasionally, we do organize projects together and sometimes funding is provided. Want to read more about our partnerships? Visit the Our partners section of this website. 


Areas of intervention

SADIL - TOGO works in rural areas, in the Tchamba and Sotouboua districts (Centrale Region) and in the Anié district (Plateaux Region). Our work reaches many villages in the vicinity. Regular visits are difficult due to the state of roads (dirt roads, if at all) and travel times (sometimes beyond 2 hours). Transport consists of taxis or motor cycles. 


Organizational achievements and ambitions 

Despite the difficult working environment in Togo, we have made significant impact since our start in 2008.

Our on-going program Education Pour Tous, which aims to provide access to education for underprivileged children by linking them directly to international sponsors, has proved very successful. We are currently supporting 150 children in the age range of 8 to 20 in 13 different villages.

The first batch of students graduated in 2015 from the Education Pour Tous program. SADIL-TOGO's objective is to provide these children with a sustainable income for the future. Therefore, SADIL-TOGO started the Université Pour Tous program, in which children get a scholarship from SADIL-TOGO to study at university or to pursue a practical education.

In addition to the Education Pour Tous and Université Pour Tous, we have successfully organized ad hoc projects on topics such as HIV/AIDS, children’s rights, child trafficking, hygiene/sanitation, disaster management, etc. These projects can take the form of educational, multi-week projects or one-day sensibilization activities with local communities.

So far, we have welcomed more than 18 international interns and we currently are the largest exchange partner for AIESEC in Togo. Over the years, we have developed partnerships with both local organizations and more global organizations such as Plan International. These partnerships provide us access to scale and expertise on specific topics to help us with the development of new initiatives, and they help us to establish our name as a trusting partner within the Togolese development community.

In the short-term our ambitions are to increase the number of children that we can support through our Education Pour Tous and Université Pour Tous programs. Also, we are planning to design a program to help students with practical internships and jobs.

For more information about our projects, please visit the Our projects section of this website. 

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