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SADIL - TOGO organizes two types of projects: projects that run on a continuous basis and ad hoc projects.
  • Education Pour Tous project
  • Continuous project with the goal to provide primary and secondary education to the most vulnerable group of children: orphans and children that have been involved in child trafficking. Currently, around 150 children in 20 schools in 13 villages are supported by international sponsors that pay for the education of the children.
  • SADIL – TOGO supports the children during primary school (6 years), college (3 years) and lycée (3 years). Every year, SADIL – TOGO provides the children in the program with school equipment and ensures the school fees are paid. During the school year, SADIL – TOGO visits the schools and communities regularly to provide coaching and ensure the children are at school. At the end of the year, after the exams, SADIL – TOGO visits the schools to discuss the final results with the children and the parents. Throughout the year, several updates are communicated to the international sponsors and at the end of the school year, a report with the final results is sent via email.

  • Université Pour Tous project
  • Continuous project that supports students with the last step in obtaining a sustainable income: a university or practical education. Scholarships have been put together in cooperation with McKinsey for Children in Germany to support children that have graduated from the Education Pour Tous program.
  • SADIL – TOGO supports the students during their 3-year (practical education) or 4-year education (university). Every year, SADIL – TOGO pays for the enrolment and exam fees, school equipment, accommodation, food (partly) and transportation (partly). Throughout the year, SADIL – TOGO staff visits the schools the coach the students, check their progress and collect information for reporting. During summer holidays, SADIL – TOGO helps the students to find internships and gain other relevant professional experience. Towards the end of their studies, SADIL – TOGO will assist with finding a job using the SADIL – TOGO network and contacts.


  • Ad hoc projects
  • Projects that are organized around topics such as children’s rights, good hygiene/sanitation practices and prevention of child trafficking. The duration of these projects can vary from one day to multiple months:
  • Examples of projects that have taken place in the recent past include:

Sanitation project with Plan Togo – January 2013 until July 2014
The project’s objective was to educate the community Tchekele about hygiene and sanitation. In addition, we worked with the community on how to best manage the water and sanitation infrastructure in the village. We trained the children, their parents and the school teachers.

Youth employment project with UN Habitat – 2012
70 students were selected in Sotouboua to participate in the project, with the objective to help them start a personal business and assist them in managing their personal finances. Each participant had to manage their own business, but they formed groups to help each other. The project started off with a training regarding how to organize their groups and how to best deal with money in a business context. During the remainder of the project, all groups were coached by SADIL – TOGO with regard to their businesses.
HIV/AIDS project with Plan Togo and CNLS-IST – 2010/2011

School groups were formed in different villages (e.g., Togblékopé, Bago, Tchamba, Sotouboua) around the topic of HIV/AIDS. During the course of the project, all groups received training about HIV/AIDS. After the training, the groups went into their communities to educate their peers and families about the topic. This way of educating communities proves to be very efficient, since the older generation is easier to reach via young people from within their communities.

Below is a timeline with a general overview of activities and important milestones over the past years.
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