Application procedure

If you are interested in an internship with us, that's great! Please refer to the Opportunities section to see which specific internships we have available. In case no internships are available, you can send us an open application, so that we can see whatever we can set up. Please find below more details about the requirements for open applications. 

What type of profile are we looking for?

Doing an internship in rural areas in Togo is definitely a challenge. It's a fantastic experience, but it requires people with a certain profile. From experience we have learned which profiles are best suited for this challenge. Don't worry, you do not need to be a professional! We just want to make sure that you have a great time and that you will create maximum impact for SADIL - TOGO.

From experience, the following characteristics and skills are essential for internship candidates. We require you to:

  • Be highly motivated - You should be highly enthusiastic about coming to Togo and helping out a local developmental organization.
  • Have a positive attitude - Your internship will be a great experience, but you will experience setbacks every now and then. A positive attitude is essential. 
  • Be open-minded - Togolese culture is definitely different from western cultures and you need to be comfortable working with people with different habits and styles.
  • Be flexible - Perceptions of time are different from the western world and things generally do not run according to a fixed schedule. Having a flexible mindset will help you be more effective.
  • Be willing to adapt - Working in Togo is not like working in the western world. You will need to be able to adapt your working style to the local reality. 
  • Be a good communicator - You will experience communication issues due to cultural differences. You need an open communication style that is directed towards asking questions and clarifications instead of expressing judgements.

These skills are mostly soft skills. However, they are essential for an effective internship. If you have any questions about this characteristics, feel free to contact us.

The application

The application should consist of the following documents:
  • CV - in English or French, one or two pages
  • Motivation letter - Tailor to specific internship or open application; explain your motivation for developmental work, Africa/Togo, and SADIL - TOGO; highlight why you have the skills we are looking for
  • Fundraising proposal - We usually ask our intern to procede to this work, but this is not mandatory. Moreover, this can be done after your application. Explain the activities you will pursue in your home country to raise funds for SADIL - TOGO projects. Donations can either be financial or in hard form (resources that increase the capacity of SADIL - TOGO to work effectively e.g. computers, printers, cameras etc.) Please note: this is preliminary to your internship and SADIL - TOGO is highly committed to advising you on how to best organize a fundraiser and helping you to set this up!

All documents can be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Selection process  

When we have received your documents, we will get back to you regarding your application. We will discuss the internship and see where both sides see mutual benefits in terms of internship content. Also things such as timing of the internship and practical details can be discussed. Note that a lot is possible!

After the interview, we will get back to you as soon as possible to tell you whether your application is successful or not, including feedback if you are interested. In case you were successful, we will discuss and plan your internship details.

Preparations for Togo

Congratulations! You will be coming to Togo soon! Depending on the timeline, SADIL - TOGO will help you to prepare for your internship. The Preparation section of this website will help you with this as well. In case you are requested to fundraise, SADIL - TOGO will provide you with tips and tricks about how to organize this. Keep in mind to allow enough time for this, as experience learns that you need to prepare for this. Fundraising out of Togo is generally difficult and not effective.

SADIL - TOGO is committed to your successful internship, so any questions you have will be addressed by our staff.

See you in Togo!